Network Jack

Fans of Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Samurai Jack,” which captivated endure year on the Cartoon Network, adore the arbitrary storytelling and beauteous visuals, aswell the aggressive arts sequences. Naturally, it was alone a amount of time afore the online gaming industry angry the time-traveling samurai’s adventures into video games.

I haven’t approved any of the amateur accessible for gaming animate systems, circumscribed my efforts instead to Cartoon Network’s own Web Site. Its Amateur area appearance six amateur based on “Samurai Jack,” including “The Way of the Warrior,” in which the adolescent samurai trains through several simulations for his closing action with the shape-shifting angry archimage Aku (deliciously accurate by adept amateur Mako in the alternation and animate games).

The added amateur consistently affection Jack aggressive Aku’s minions–robots, beetle insects, and the like. Two of the amateur affection a final showdown with Aku.

“Code of the Samurai” was a amalgamation with a Samurai Jack marathon, so if you admission the game, the interface asks you “Enter Code or Play.” I admonish blame Play aback the aboriginal chase was two years ago.

Once you get into the game, you accept to action through three betraying levels afore you even get to Aku.

The aboriginal akin appearance crumbling ledges, automatic spikes, machine-gun blaze as you ride bedrock lifts up mountains, and of course, the assured baddies cat-and-mouse to advance you. Tip: If benumbed the bedrock lifts, abstain and jump to abstain the apparatus gun fire. Seize the befalling if the additional lift descends or ascends abutting to the lift you’re on, contrarily you’ll accept to abstain the battery until the lift comes aback aural reach. The akin appearance two lift challenges, all with a computerized antagonist cat-and-mouse at the top of the cliff.

The creatures on all three levels are adversaries that admirers of “Samurai Jack” will recognize: crank warriors, Terminator-style robots who attending like they accept baskets on their heads, and Aku’s minions that about-face into breath if you advance them.

Tip: Try whenever accessible to hit the targets with a acceptable quick advance of Jack’s katana. The bold says added weapons are accessible to Jack, but for some acumen you alone see him use his katana. Go apathetic and time your attacks so that the targets can’t hit you first.

Jack gets 5 “lives,” and you can see the red beat boring compress as he is bombarded with agenda mayhem. Try to at atomic authority on to the fourth “life” if accepting to the additional level. After you bright anniversary akin the “life” you’re currently on is replenished (Jack accept to accept been bubbler his brand blooming tea.) If you get to the third level, try to accumulate at atomic three “lives,” although you can get abroad with two. You charge at atomic two to accept a adventitious during the final action with Aku.

At the end of the aboriginal two levels you do action with a behemothic antagonist added able than the others: a skeleton warrior on the first, a basket-head warrior on the second. The acceptable account is you can watch its “life” beat and clue your advance on acquisition it.

The additional akin is abounding with apparatus active amuck to mow you down, blades slashing at you, and on all three levels you run the accident of falling in fungus or on aciculate spikes, which accomplish you lose a life. Tip: Time your all-overs to abstain the gears, but don’t get too jumpy, contrarily you abatement into the slime.

The third akin appearance spikes, affective platforms and even added jumps, if that’s possible. Tip: The breath demons can arise anywhere and are added poweerful than the adversaries in the aboriginal two levels. But this conditioning is just practice, coil your anatomy for the affray with Aku.

The final date appearance ledges that bore into lava–you accept to jump fast afore you abatement in. The computerized Aku is absolutely impressive, and just as in the series, flies off several times afore Jack can bear the final blow. But be brave, be steadfast, be victorious, and you, gamer, will defeat the angry scourge! The cessation to the bold is acceptable and delivers the advancing affecting payoff.

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